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made in the usa
Made in the USA


The Banshee is the most powerful compact truck mount system available in the market weighing in at under 400 lbs. (inc. waste tank). The Banshee system includes a 70 gal. waste tank, 10 gal. propane tank, 225 ft. solution and vacuum hoses, reel and generates 240ļ F and up to 3,000 psi. Systems begin at $23,597 MSRP

Prodigy HSR

Built specifically to handle the rigorous demands of hard-surface and restoration industry professionals for Clean-And-Capture, Pressure Washing and Carpet Cleaning with superior power and pressure. Features a 12,000 PSI system, 3 stainless steel heat exchangers 4.8 gallon/minute water pump, 280 cfm, and our patented SOVC vacuum-doubling system. The PRODIGY HSR starts at $27,715. Liquid-cooled and Silencer packages also available.

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At $19,785 (MSRP), the new Prodigy truckmount is the perfect entry-level and franchise system. Each Prodigy unit generates 3,000 psi working pressing and comes equipped with an integrated 70 gal. waste tank, 125 ft. of hose, a wand and weighs only 450 lbs. Easy install in 30 minutes.


SOVC Turbo Suction Universal Upgrade Module

The SOVC upgrade module delivers Powerplus-patented turbo suction technology to any truck mount. SOVC doubles suction power and reduces drying times by 50%. The SOVC kit replaces the manual relief valve with an electronically-controlled valve system maximizing the suction power of your truckmount. Powerplus includes everything needed to easily install the SOVC module on any truckmount. Standard SOVC kits retail for $1,102.62. The new SOVC-2 kits for truckmounts with 47 blowers and larger retail for $1,378.80. Add $57.39 for the universal installation kit required for either SOVC model.

  • SOVC-1 Module $1,681
  • SOVC-2 Module (for 47 blowers and larger) $1,911

Auto Pump-Out

Imagine being able to offer your customers the opportunity to watch in real-time the dirt, grime, urine, vomit, etc. you are extracting from their carpet. Simply connect your Auto Pump-Out unit inline with your vacuum hose and mount it on the stand (included) outside the door to their home. Invite them to pull up a chair and watch the show through the Auto Pump-Outís high-strength transparent lid. With the Auto Pump-Out, you can safely and legally dispose of waste water while dramatically reducing the number of times you will need to drain and clean your waste tank. MSRP is $1,348.


O3 Generator

Ozone destroys odors, not by masking them with a fragrance, but by disassembling them at a molecular level. Ozone can destroy viruses and bacteria, such as anthrax, e-coli, salmonella, and staphylococci. The O3 Generator works on a similar principle to household ionizers but generates a much larger volume of ozone (up to 3 grams per hour) than their household counterparts are capable of producing. The O3 Generator from Powerplus produces the amount of ozone necessary to kill the most resistant bacteria and virus strains household ionizers cannot. MSRP is $1,829.



Increase your productivity and efficiency in the field with these innovative products.

Water Softeners

The water softener removes minerals and deionizes water to enhance the power of your chemicals and leaves carpets feeling softer. Eliminates mineral deposits from window and awning washing as well as upholstery cleaning. Available in three sizes based on the volume of water it will treat:

  • 5,000 gallons (MSRP $946)
  • 10,000 gallons (MSRP $1,105)
  • 15,000 gallons (MSRP $1,105)
  • Water Softener Kit (MSPR $86)

  • ozone


    Boost your cleaning power with Powerplus heating systems.


    200 ft & 300 ft. models dual or single hose option. Hose management tools.



    made in the usa
    Made in the USA



    Powerplus has wands designed for every cleaning application. All wands are made of durable, light weight materials and have been engineered for maximum ergonomics.


    Choose from a unique array of specially designed, high quality vacuum hand tools.

    Aluminum Head Stainless steel tubing, low pressure valve, stainless guides, v-jet.
    Double Head Low or high pressure, available in single or multiple jet configurations.
    Double Bend Gooseneck design, extended wings on pickup head for overspray control; fully adjustable handle
    Light Weight 12" wide head; high pressure solution hose; U-type handle
    Enclosed Head Ideal for heat exchange systems; dual jet
    Low Boy 9" neck to reach under furniture; low-profile 12" head
    Hide-A-Hose Convenient, flexible 6' hose extension for wands or hand tools
    Value Hand Tool General purpose; 4" plastic head; 120 psi rated
    The Detailer For the hard to reach places; 3-1/2" head; 360° swivel
    Crevice Tool For edges and narrow surfaces
    Stair Tool Available in both enclosed and open configurations
    Long Handle Stair Tool Available in 30" and 40" sizes; high pressure compatible
    Car Detailer 6" reach to get under seats; high pressure compatible
    Curtain Tools Unique perforated head to protect fabrics; 4" or 6" wide heads available; 120 psi rated


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