Bio Blaster
Prepare rooms for patients within minutes with minimal staff support.
15 minutes is all it takes to ready a room for usage. Simple to use; the device can be wheeled to different rooms with ease.
Designed to reach where the eyes miss and hands can’t clean.
Don’t take the chance of missing an area because it’s out of view. The Bio Blaster works on a molecular level! Open your cabinets and drawers and let the sanitizing light in!
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Cost effective
Get the most bang for your buck with repeated usage and minimal staffing.
Our Plug and Play setup encourages frequent usage so you can enter rooms with the assurance that your patients are safe and protected.

Designed with purpose

Designed for hospital and military grade decontamination but used in any facilities, the Bio Blaster allows for rapid decontamination and utility of known COVID infected rooms.
Utilizing UV light, the Bio Blaster breaks down organic matter such as viruses and bacteria at the DNA/RNA level, destroying its ability to function. This UV light enters hard to reach nooks and crannies through a process of refraction as light from the unit bounces off of walls and floors. The result is a thoroughly decontaminated room. Sterile rooms are a must have for medical facilities and routine cleanings pose costly risks and expend time and manpower. By following simple procedures, you can have a room ready to use in minutes. No hospital or school should be without them!
Portable design
Mounted on casters for easy rolling.
UV Light
UV light addresses pathogens at the DNA/RNA level.

Kill virus on a molecular level.

Sanitizing quickly, efficiently, and with minimal effort makes this tool an amazing addition to your preventative efforts.
People miss spots, it takes time to clean entire rooms, and you only have so much staff to go around without incurring a lot of cost. Handle all of these issues and more with the Bio Blaster!

CDC Approved Technology
The Bio Blaster is designed to augment COVID-19 decontamination practices. 
Frequent usage
With the Plug and Play system, the Bio Blaster is cost-effective and ready for repeated usage.
Height: 6'
Width: 23" Diameter
Weight: 49lbs
Output: 455 mw/cm2/Sec@1m/bulb
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