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The fight starts with a sanitized space.
Using only wipes, hand-spray bottles, and store bought cleaning supplies is not enough. Not by a long shot. Many of todays viruses are impervious to simple over-the-counter detergents and cleaners.  You need something that can not only deliver a CDC approved disinfecting agent, but can also go where people miss the most. Under furniture, in the cracks, or even on the walls and ceilings.  Having a true ULV fogger can make the difference of the appearance of sanitizing, and an actual safe space. Protect your investments, clients, children, loved ones and yourself. Contact PowerPlus today to learn more about CDC approved cleaning agents and their delivery system called the SANI-Fogger today.

See how the Long Beach School District is fighting COVID with the SANI-Fogger. (Click on video)
The best battery powered Electrostatic ULV Fogger on the market today.
"Nothing compares to the SANI-Fogger, i own a SANI-Fogger unit that I purchased from Powerplus and was able to make my money back in a few jobs. I also work for the 3rd largest school district in California and we purchased 2 units. We have already used this equipment and treated an entire school site in record times." -  SANI-Fogger owner

Powerful, efficient, and reliable.

This electric fogger can be used indoors or outdoors while protecting sensitive technology and paperwork. It is the most efficient way to distribute chemicals and disinfecting media over large areas and assure administering of the product.


While this handheld fogger is commercial cleaning equipment, it can also be used by individuals with minimal training. The training provided by PowerPlus enables you to safely operate this fogger in just about any condition.

Comparable to or "also known as"

  • Electrostatic Fogger

  • ULV Fogger

  • Cold Fogger

  • Disinfectant Fogger

  • Thermal Fogger / Sprayer / Atomizer

These are NOT replacements:

  • Insect Bug Fogger

  • Sprayer

  • Atomizer

  • Thermal Fogger

Call today for a demonstration and information
Depth: 18"
Width: 8"
Height: 8"
Weight: 5lbs
Depth: 6"
Width: 13"
Height: 16"
Weight: 20lbs (Full)
Storage Capacity: 2.2gal
Range: 50ft (In good weather)

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