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The best battery powered Electrostatic ULV Fogger on the market today.
Use it indoors or outdoors, you can sanitize everywhere. Even around sensitive equipment and paperwork. Proper usage gets the job done right the first time.
Designed to be mobile and flexible. The Sani Fogger distributes chemicals evenly and completely.
Finding the places that are normally missed, the Sani Fogger out performs any other fogger on the market.
Made in the USA, and guaranteed to work every time.
With minimal training, utilizing these units is easy and very effective. Made to be tough, reliable, and operate for hours of operation without a lot of maintenance.
A Covid virus fighter!
Having a true ULV fogger can make the difference of the appearance of sanitizing, and an actual safe space. Protect your investments, clients, children, loved ones and yourself.
Using only wipes, hand-spray bottles, and store bought cleaning supplies is not enough. Not by a long shot. Many of todays viruses are impervious to simple over-the-counter detergents and cleaners.  You need something that can not only deliver a CDC approved disinfecting agent, but can also go where people miss the most. Under furniture, in the cracks, or even on the walls and ceilings.

Portable design
The comfortable backpack design excels in comfort and utility.
Built tough
These units are made to last using durable, high performing components.

See how the Long Beach School District is fighting COVID with the SANI-Fogger. (Click on video)
Easy to use
With minimal training you can be effectively operating your Sani Fogger and be able to teach your staff as well.
Research and development has created a superior nozzle for distribution and effective distribution of cleaning agents.

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Depth: 6"
Width: 13"
Height: 16"
Weight: 20lbs (Full)
Depth: 18"
Width: 8"
Height: 8"
Weight: 5lbs

Storage Capacity: 2.2gal
Range: 50ft (In good weather)
How do foggers work?
We have an article to cover everything from how foggers work and how to decipher what makes a good fogger. Click on the link below!
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