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Electrostatic ULV fogger
The best battery powered Electrostatic ULV Fogger on the market today
The Sani-Fogger is the only fogger engineered to work in both indoor and outdoor environments. With high power and cordless mobility, you can sanitize anywhere. The fogger’s small particle size makes disinfecting safe even around sensitive equipment and paperwork. With proper usage, the Sani-Fogger gets the job done right the first time.
40 X faster than the next leading fogger or sprayer
Do more, spend less, and maintain productivity with your staff. The Sani-Fogger covers auditoriums in minutes instead of hours! Rapid speed means fewer staff, less down time, and more productivity
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Made in the USA, and top quality parts.
With minimal training, these units are easy to use and are highly effective. Built to be tough, they are reliable and operate for hours without much maintenance.

A great value

Built in the USA, the Sani-Fogger comes with an unparalleled warranty. Don't buy a cheaper model just to save money! You'll spend VASTLY more in the long run.
You and your staff's time is valuable. Removing students and workers from their spaces poses costly down times and high chemical expense. The Sani-Fogger is here to ensure that your students and staff are back to working in minutes!
Efficiency in design
Efficiency in design
Hot-swappable 2 gallon container for disinfectant means less time refilling.
Built tough
Built tough
These units are made to last using durable, high performing components.

A Covid virus fighter

Having a true ULV fogger can mean the difference between appearing to sanitize, and creating an actual safe space. Protect your investments, clients, loved ones and yourself.
Using only wipes, hand-spray bottles, and store-bought cleaning supplies is not enough. Not by a long shot. Many of today’s viruses are impervious to simple over-the-counter detergents and cleaners.  You’ll need something that not only delivers a CDC approved disinfecting agent, but can also go where people miss the most: under furniture, in the cracks, on the walls, and even on the ceilings.
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Made for COVID
Made for COVID
This is the only fogger designed specifically for the Covid 19 virus.

When time is an issue

Cheaper foggers can’t compete with the Sani-Fogger. Cheaper units distribute less material, fog far shorter distances, and have a myriad of issues surrounding them.
Watch this head-to-head demonstration and review of the Sani-Fogger vs a leading contender.
Sani Fogger covers the same space it takes conventional foggers over 12 minutes to do!
How do foggers work?
We have an article covering everything from how foggers work to how to discern what makes a good fogger. Click on the link below!
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