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The air you breathe must be COVID free!


Quantitative viral count knockdown is entirely possible with HEPA-Rated Filters!


For a cleaner and safer facility, take a simple yet big step by pulling out your cheap AC filters and sliding in a HEPA filter. HEPA filters are designed to reduce the amount of COVID and other viruses and bacteria you inhale as you breathe by removing harmful pathogens from the air and trapping them within the filter. Regular rotation ensures maximum performance and minimization of COIVD transmission.


We carry a full line of HEPA filters with MERV ratings from 1-20. Call for more information.

(714) 635-9264


What is MERV? MERV is rating that defines what can get through a filter and how well it performs. The higher the rating, the more it filters out. Click here to see an article and chart on MERV ratings


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