Small space, lots of power.

The animation below illustrates the power behind C&C. High-powered jets fire solution and/or water into the surface, opening pores and suspending the particles. The vacuum pulls the contaminants out of the open pores along with the solution, leaving behind a dry surface. While conventional cleaning takes hours to dry, C&C does it in seconds.

Clean and capture image

Clean and Capture

The only technology that cleans and reclaims solvent in one easy motion

Easy, versatile, and effective

Clean and Capture (C&C) technology is the backbone of decontamination and cleaning strategies. With over 10,000 cleaning and rinse cycles per square inch for every second the tool is in use; C&C brings the power to take your business to the next level in professional cleaning.

With tools for every conceivable situation, C&C allows you to work in the most hostile environments and the most difficult positions. The days of being limited to just floor and level surfaces are over! Ceilings, walls, and uneven surfaces are now accessible!  With C&C you can seamlessly transition from cleaning up mud on the wall one second, to cleaning the carpet and floor the next.

Not limited to cleaning carpets

Clean and Capture technology has been involved with decontamination work, remediation work, chemical disasters, and natural and manmade disasters the world over. Historically, we have used C&C to successfully treat surfaces and soils contaminated by nuclear radiation and oil.

C&C can be used with nearly any cleaning or disinfectant agent on the market today. Its versatility allows you to meet the needs of any cleaning situation that may occur.

Paring with the right equipment
As powerful as these tools are, you need to pair them with a machine that can augment their abilities. Our Prodigy line of machines deliver the power necessary to match C&C technology. We design our machines to be used in the most challenging situations without limiting their users for distance, pressure, or vacuum.
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